Using VisionGraft® for Emergency Penetrating Keratoplasty

Gustavo Corrales, M.D.

This patient is a 50-year old male who presented with a corneal ulcer. He had poorly controlled diabetes and 1 week trauma to the left eye with vegetative matter. After prescribing antifungals and fortified antibiotics, repeated cultures were taken. One came back positive for Aspergillus flavus. Soon thereafter, the cornea perforated.

Management options were evaluated. Treating with amniotic membrane would be quick and easy to apply, but would not remove infection or work in a corneal perforation. A lamellar keratoplasty would preserve endothelium, but would not remove the infection completely and could be difficult to perform on an open, soft eye.

By using an acelluar, sterile cornea in this emergency situation, the risk for rejection was lowered and improved the chance for a successful second graft.

Watch Dr. Corrales perform a penetrating keratoplasty with VisionGraft to treat this patient.
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